Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nursery Update

We are still in the process of decorating Harper's new nursery. It is completely different from his last nautical nursery so it is taking a little longer than expected. This time around I decided to go a different route. I loved the nautical theme but I didn't love my Pottery Barn bedding. The bumper just didn't cut it. I found it flimsy and it never looked like it fit properly. Not to mention because it wasn't as sturdy, Harper figured out how to pull it down and chew on it. For all of you expecting mamas... I highly recommend a boxed bumper. They fit in the crib SOOO much better and it makes the whole bedding set look crisp and clean. This time around we went with Hoohobbers bedding in "Master Blue." I love, love, love it.

I decided to go with more soft and soothing colors. The powder blues, creams, tans, and celadon green look perfect together. Above the crib I put an awesome decal. I felt better about having a decal above the crib so I didn't have to worry about a picture frame falling into the crib. And I love adding a nice personal touch to the room. I was so excited to find these awesome decals at Baby Furniture Plus Kids. They are only $35 and are custom colors and design. They had several great "boy" designs which are hard to come by!

I had a really tough time with his new nursery chair. I am obsessed with Best Chairs. They are by far the most comfortable nursery chairs on the market. Expecting moms, you will want... actually NEED one of these chairs. In his nautical nursery we had the "Tryp" recliner glider and it was amazing. My old one was navy blue so it didn't go with Harper's new color scheme (yes it would have probably been much easier to just buy new bedding that had a similar color scheme... oops!) Erik and I wanted to get the same exact recliner glider in a green color to match. Then came the bad news.... the "celery" color I picked out was totally off. I tried to make it work but it just looked horrible. So I went back to the drawing boards. I debated between a neutral brown, burlap, linen, but none of them added enough color to his room. The baby store carries a new line of nursery chairs called "Four Seasons." These chairs are different because they are slip cover and down filled. Unfortunately they do not come in a recliner but they do have about 500 different fabrics to choose from! They had the exact green I was looking for. And they even had the exact cream color I wanted for the piping. They are a bit more expensive so buying the matching ottoman was a little out of our budget  but I decided to get the glider chair. They are custom made so I am patiently waiting for its arrival. Not having a chair in the nursery has been driving me crazy... I never realized how much and how often I use that thing! I can't wait to test it out his new glider. I really hope I like it as much as my last one. Mister Bear is sitting in the chair's space until it arrives.

I found some incredible prints for the nursery. Today I took three to Michael's to get them framed. They are supposed to be ready in two weeks. I also found a cute rug that matched the greens in the room perfectly. It is called a shaggy raggy rug. It is the softest thing ever! I love how it feels on my toes. So we are making great progress but there is still quite a few things left to do. Maybe the nursery will be complete by next month? Then I can start on the rest of the house!! But as all new moms know, the nursery is always going to be number one on the priority list.


  1. So, so cute. You're doing a fabulous job! I love the decal above the crib - a handy detail for me to file away since I live in earthquake country... thank you!

  2. I love it Jaim!! MISS YOU! I wish I had a free weekend to come see the little man!! :(

  3. Thanks for the encouraging words! :) I love your nursery! Too cute!

  4. I wouldn't be too concerned about how much time the nursery is taking, so long as you're doing it the way you want! And one room at a time is DEFINITELY the way to go with decorating.

  5. It looks amazing! I love it!

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