Thursday, May 19, 2011

My New Hero!

Originally, I was going to post an amazing giveaway today but my new blog design isn't installed yet so I decided to wait one more day and hopefully it will be ready to launch!! So in the meantime...

I came across this video on another fabulous blog and I have to admit, this girl is my new hero. Most of my friends know, "I don't sing, I rap!" I have a horrible singing voice and can't carry a tune. But I have a pretty awesome memory and can talk fast...which means I can rap a whole lot of songs. When we karaoke, I am known to bust out Tupac, Biggie Smalls, or Ludacris. It is usually a hit and once in awhile the managers at these fine establishments even gives me free drinks because they are so surprised by my mad rapping skills. But this girl kicks my white girl butt! I mean seriously. I have heard this song on the radio several times and every time I do I think to myself..."man I wish I could rap Busta's part, thats insane!" Well guess what, this chick manages to nail it! Check this out, I promise you will love it! I should probably go print out the lyrics and start practicing now....



  1. This girl is freaking talented. Not only can she do Busta's part but she can SING! Someone give her a record deal, please! I mean, if Ke$ha can get one...

  2. girl i LOVE this and have to send it out to all my other "rap lovin' " friends! Freakin awesome.

  3. this girl is amazinggg! i saw them on Ellen a few weeks back, and apparently they're a couple and engaged!! she sang this on her show and people in the audience were trying to rap it silently and NOONE could keep up with her!
    i always choose rap over singing too haha!

  4. LOL... she is amazing! My kids bob their heads to this song when we hear it on the radio. Yeah, I could never do that. If you can pull this off I would love to see a video!!


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