Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Home Improvements

For the past few weeks, the only thing on my mind has been BABY!! But now things are slowly getting back to normal. I go grocery shopping, I am starting to cook again, some kind of order is coming together in the house. Now it is time to start decorating the house. We moved in in June but never got the chance to complete all of the rooms. We went from a 2 bedroom home to a 4 bedroom home, so as you can imagine we need a lot of furniture and new decor. Now that we are on a budget I have starting looking for bargains on furniture. I found a gorgeous dining room table on Craigslist! And now I am searching for console tables.  I need two. One for a hall upstairs and one for a space in my living room. I want to get an antique looking one for the living room but the one upstairs can be a little more modern. 

I found this one at www.allcoffetables.com and it is only $189.00 plus free shipping! I think it would be great for extra storage. 

I also like these two: (As you can see my taste is all over the place!) 

Which one do you like the best??

What places do you all go to when you are shopping for home decor? Where do you find the best deals? I also need several rugs for the house. One in particular needs to have a beachy feel. I don't want anything with an aquatic scene... more of a plain rug but in beach colors. Light creams, blues, greens, or corals. Any ideas? I appreciate any help I can get.


  1. I love the last one the best! (but no storage) I like Home Goods (I know they have them in Charlotte..but not sure about Greenville). And World Market sometimes has some good stuff :)

  2. I like the black rounded console table and the one with baskets, because I like storage options. But I'm really leaning towards the black rounded one - I'm a little traditional. I go to antique shops, 2nd hand stores, and on-line, I very seldom buy from a major retailer anymore because there are such great finds at good prices out there! Good luck!

  3. You have picked out some very cute furniture! My husband can decorate I cannot! HA! I do like shopping for furniture though! Good luck! Can't wait to see which you choose!

  4. Go to Jason's on Laurens Road. Cheap prices, awesome furniture and they're always getting something new and cool in. We have bought most of our furniture from there.

  5. Hi! Harper is absolutely adorable - I am expecting our first boy on Christmas day! Those pictures of Harper got me so excited for his arrival!
    A great place for rugs is Dash and Albert - www.dashandalbert.com or Overstock.com has a huge selection of them too. I do interior decorating on the side and go to Home Goods all of the time for clients. Another place to search for furniture for great deals is JC Penneys. You will be shocked at what they have - modern/traditional, etc. all at great prices. Good luck and keep us posted on your furniture finds!


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