Thursday, July 19, 2012

Charleston- my favorite city in America

Everyone knows my favorite place in the continental US is Charleston, SC. Erik proposed to me in Charleston. We had our wedding in Charleston. My baby moon was in Charleston. And 80% of our beach trips are to Charleston. I love everything about the city. Every time we go to Charleston we find ourselves trying to figure out a way to move there. Right now Erik is thinking about applying to MUSC. Maybe we will end up there one day!

Southern Tide is hosting an INCREDIBLE giveaway! As they approach 100,000 fans (pretty incredible right?) they are giving away three weekend trips. And guess which city is the first on their list? Yep, you guessed it! CHARLESTON!

One lucky winner will receive a weekend giveaway to the Charleston Place Hotel. We stayed there the weekend we got engaged. It is to die for! They will also receive a $500 Visa gift card towards travel expenses, a rental car for the weekend, dinner for two, and a $1,000 Southern Tide gift card to stock up on gear!

I'm pretty sure I NEED THIS and it is the BEST GIVEAWAY EVER! 

Make sure you check it out here! 

I just entered and my fingers are still crossed.

Anyone else love Charleston as much as I do?!?!


  1. Awesome giveaway!!! And I LOVE Charleston too!!! Thinking I am long overdue for a visit :)

  2. YES! We love Charleston! We spend our anniversaries there. We went there in early June and are going back the last week in July! We stay at Lodge Alley Inn (timeshare), but I have a friend whose family owns the Andrew Pickney Inn! If you ever want to stay there I could get you a deal!

  3. I have been wanting to go to Charleston for sooooo long now! Hopefully this will be there year we make the trek over there!

  4. How could you not love Charleston?! It's one of our favorite cities as well. Thanks for sharing about the giveaway (:

  5. I adore Charleston!! I grew up visiting my aunt there, we honeymooned there, and all my ancestors settled there,had plantations, raised families , and died there. And my husband and I vacation there at least twice a year! We also are trying to figure out a way to move there, my husband is looking at jobs at the Boeing plant. I would absolutely adore living in downtown! Good luck on the contest!

  6. Love Charleston! I will be there next month for my cousin's bachelorette party! Their wedding will be there in December- my cousin grew up in Charleston and she and her fiance are now both attending MUSC.

  7. Love this post! That is wonderful to hear your husband is applying to MUSC! I went to school and work at MUSC Children's Hospital. Great place. Check out this video that the Children's Hospital just put together for their 25th Birthday.

    Our wish is for it will go VIRAL!

  8. Charleston seriously is the best city in the world. I'm a little biased, but still. It's perfect there. I just got started re-blogging and your blog was always one of my favorites. I hope you'll come check mine out!


  9. I've always wanted to visit!! Love this post and lovelove your bloggy :-)

    Ashley (your newest follower)
    The Darling Redhead

  10. Charleston is definitely on my list of places that I must visit ASAP! xo

  11. Charleston is one of those cities I know I will love forever, even though I've never been. It is so high on my trip list but for some reason we haven't made it happen yet! How can you not love it there! Hope you get to make the move you're dreaming for

  12. I LOVE charleston. We live in Columbia so head down there all the time :-) Oooh but Greenville is my favorite place haha! The hubs and I both went to clemson so the upstate has a special place in my heart!


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