Friday, November 18, 2011

Montana Mixtape Project

Now and days, it is hard to find time to take a minute and do something entirely selfless. Awhile back Erik and I entered a wedding contest where we needed people to vote to help us win the wedding of our dreams. We had so many friends, family, and COMPLETE STRANGERS that took the time to vote for us day in and day out. We also had a few "so-called friends" that deliberately tried not to help us out (I will go into that another day.) But it was an incredible feeling to know that people were willing to take a moment out of their day to help us out! And we are forever grateful to those who took their time to make our dream a reality.

My friend Hope is a part of a duo, "Me and Mr. Cassidy." They are brilliant musicians and it is their dream to make it in the crazy music industry. They need a little help starting up. They just entered a contest that could give them an incredible amount of exposure if they win.

The Billings Newspaper in Montana releases a free downloadable CD through the paper for everyone around the holidays. It is called the "Montana Mixtape Project." They choose 10 songs from Montana based artists based on online votes.

"Me and Mr Cassidy" is one of the bands trying to get a spot on the CD. Scott {Mr. Cassidy} and his family hail from Billings, MT.

People from all over are able to quickly register and vote once a day (everyday until the contest ends.)

If you have a moment please check out their song, "Keep Me Awake." The album from beginning to end tell a story. It tells a tale of love from childhood to death with a sentimental beauty. It is appropriate for all ages and an amazing gift for loved ones to share. I think you all will LOVE IT!

Please, Please, Please take a moment to vote for their song and help make their dreams some true! It will only take a minute and it really could make such a difference in their lives.

Here is the link to vote:

If you are interested in hearing more about it, or more about "Me and Mr. Cassidy", continue on to their website, or feel free to contact them at

In addition, If you would like to hear the entire album ( FOR FREE! ) it is streaming live at :

You can follow this incredible duo on Twitter at: @MeandmrCassidy
You can "Like" them on Facebook at :


  1. Shocked to hear that "friends" didn't want to help you and Erik when the wedding contest! I'm SO glad that you did because the pictures were beautiful! I have a friend in Billings so I'll tell her about this contest too! Hope ya'll have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  2. Done and done! Can't wait to listen to Me and Mr. Cassidy.

  3. Oh no! I got there too late! I did vote for y'alls wedding contest though! :)

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