Sunday, August 1, 2010

This is going to be a LONG WEEK!

My sweet hubster is gone for the week. He is shooting with Zappos in Louisville, KY. I always thought Zappos was just for shoes. I actually purchase shoes off their website all of the time. They have great customer service and a HUGE variety of shoes. But now they are carrying clothing too! Erik shot with them last month. And I found some of his photos on their website. 

I am glad they booked him again but these weeks tend to go by super slow. I was considering riding up to Louisville with him but I don't think that long of a car ride will be very comfortable at this point in my pregnancy. I am getting pretty big now and my limbs seem to fall asleep all of the time. My neck bothers me and my feet hurt. So I am not really feeling a road trip right now. 

But it is hard when he is gone for more than 3 days. While he was on tour we would go for weeks without seeing each other but now I am used to having him home with me all of the time. I am spoiled! It gets very lonely without him around. So I am thinking about staying with my parents for a few days. I am starting to really feel the effects of the pregnancy and I don't really like to be by myself. I am always tired and feel like I am running on empty. It is so nice having my parents close by and being able to head home to see them whenever I need to!

Do any of your loved ones travel a lot for work? How do you all handle it? Especially military wives! Every time I complain when he is gone, I remind myself that there are amazing ladies that make it through their husband's long deployments.  I really admire all of the military wives out there and appreciate their strength and courage while their husbands are overseas! 


  1. Can you maybe plan a bunch of girly things this week? Things the hub just wouldn't get into? That way you can look forward to your girl time when he is traveling.

  2. Nik has had to travel with his job before, and I know what you mean about it being a long week! Just wait til you have kids too lol. But I just focused on doing things that I don't do as much when he was home, like reading books or watching my own shows at night, when we typically would have been talking to each other, or eating things that I love but he doesn't. I know those are minor, but I guess it helped me try to find the silver lining when I was upset about him being gone!

  3. Hey- Just wanted to let you know I saw on this blog you won a contest, but the girl says you haven't responded back to get your prize. So you may wanna do that :-) Just a heads up!!

  4. Aww Jamie! That was sweet of you to recognize military wives. I do get lonely when my husband is gone for more than a couple days especially when he is used to being at home for a while. My husband was gone all last week and will be gone part of this week. You just have to try to keep busy! Easier said than done sometimes..I know! I have been reading alot lately to pass the time when I am not working. I also like to write letters to my husband so when he gets home he can read about how my days went and how much I care about him..kind of like a journal. I like to get mani's/ Pedi's ( something he wouldn't do) I also like to try new recipes and bake! Then, when my husband gets home there are special treats waiting on him. Visiting your parents sounds like it would be good for you! I will be praying for you that this week can be quick and easy and you may be able to some fun even though Erik is away. :) You are strong, I think you can handle it! You also have that sweet doggie to keep you company! Take care.

  5. I feel you on the respect for military wives! If you've been reading my blog, you'll know that I just went 25 days without seeing Ran while he was studying for the Bar exam, and it felt like an ETERNITY!!

  6. I don't know how military wives do it. I applaud their strength because I would be a mess. If I were you I'd try to find some books to dive into and help the time fly by or rent a new series of tv! Mani/pedis help too but are over much too quickly.

    Just mailed your giveaway today, SO sorry for the delay!!


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