Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wipe Out!

The last two months have been fantastic!! Life is crazy, as always, but our first summer with Mister Harper has been a blast. Harper changes by the day. We continue to celebrate and experience more "firsts" in his life. I am constantly reminded about all the blessings in my life. 

On June 15th we took Harper to the pool for the first time. Our neighborhood has a gorgeous outdoor pool. It opened in May but we have been so busy that we hadn't had a chance to make it there until now. We already knew that Harper's favorite time of the day is bath time. I had a strong inkling that he would love the pool. Boy was I right. Harper is a total water baby. He had no fear whatsoever. He giggled as soon as Erik carried him down the steps into the water. He splashed around and tried to dunk his face under the water on several occasions. We bought a floaty for him from Target and it worked out great. It protected his face from the sun and made it very easy for us to cruise him around the pool.

By the end of the day Harper was exhausted. He passed out while Erik fed him his bottle. Our trip to the pool was a success and we look forward to spending many more summer afternoons swimming together. 



  1. I had a feeling that sweet little fella would love the water :) Precious pictures!!!

  2. Hiya! I'm a new reader and love what I've read so far!

    This is absolutely precious and I bet he will be a waterbaby for life. Enjoy this time!

  3. He is so precious, love the pics! These memories you will have forever. Glad he loved the pool too. I bet he slept good that night. And so did ya'll! HaHa

  4. Hi Jamie,
    My name is Liz and I have been reading your blog from time to time. I am sorry to hear that your mom had such a scary experience with cancer, it is absolutely amazing that her experimental treatment worked. I hope that she is well now and is enjoying her time with Harper.
    That said, since your blog is a great resource for someone going through cancer I wanted to reach out to you to see if you were interested in a new online social support network (that I am the community manager of!) called I Had Cancer. It is a new and free social support network focused on connecting people based on experiences with cancer so that they can easily communicate with one another and share information. I would love to tell you more if you are interested, so please let me know! Because I was so struck by your writing on the topic I would love to send you an early-access pass with extra invites for others you may know going through this journey.

    Either way, thank you so much for your writing. Take care and best regards.


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