Monday, October 18, 2010

Let's Talk Genetics

It is amazing how fast babies grow and how much their appearance can change from day to day! Right now Harper's hair is changing. In the front it is getting VERY light. So light that is actually looks like he is bald in the front in photos.

Can you see how it is turning light in the front?!  But it is still dark on the sides. Hehe! 
The funny part is, the back of his hair is still brown and is starting to look somewhat curly. It is hysterical because that is what everyone is waiting to see, whether or not Harper will get my blonde hair or Erik's brown/curly hair. Now he has BOTH! I think he is teasing us. We really have no idea what it is going to do next. It definitely has some wave in it. So maybe it will be curly like his daddy. When he was born, it was very dark. But my hair was actually extremely dark when I was born too. Within a few months my hair turned white. Erik had lighter hair when he was born and then it turned dark and curly. So really there is NO telling what his will do.  I will try to dig up a newborn photo of myself tomorrow and scan it so you can see how dark it was. It doesn't look me at all.

The photo below was taken when I was about 5 months old. By that time my hair was blonde.

We are also really excited to see what eye color he will have. Erik and I both have greenish eyes. My eyes were really blue until about 2nd grade. Now they go back and forth between blue and green. Erik has beautiful green eyes. Right now Harper's are dark blue (they look brown in photos but they are actually really dark blue.) We did a little research and found this chart online. So according to the chart it looks like his eyes will most likely be green. I guess we are just going to have to wait to find out!

This photo is when I was  a little older but my eyes are still blue:

I found a great website that helps predict your baby's eye color. Check it out here! It is great because it factor's in all of your family member's eye color and gives you an exact percentage. 

Fun Facts about eye color: (From 
  • You probably knew that brown is the most common eye color worldwide, but did you know that green is by far the rarest? In fact, less than 2 percent of the global population possesses green eyes. As a country, Turkey has the highest percentage of citizens who have green eyes, at 20 percent. There are a number of countries – generally located in Asia, South America, and the Middle East – where green eyes are almost completely absent among the population.
  • Did you know that blue eyes are the most common eye color for Caucasians, over amber, hazel, grey, and green? In fact, over 80 percent of the population of Iceland has either blue or green eyes.
  • A not-so-common, but very noticeable condition called heterochromia can result in people having eyes of different colors. Actress Mila Kunis, of That 70’s Show and Family Guy fame, for instance, has one blue eye and one green eye. Kate Bosworth, from Blue Crush and the new Superman, has blue eyes, with a hazel blotch at the bottom of her right eye. David Bowie, of Ziggy Stardust and Labyrinth lore, is perhaps the most well-known celebrity with mismatched eye colors. Most people don’t know that Bowie’s condition is the result of a traumatic soccer injury suffered as a teenager, and not heterochromia.

Ok ladies, now I need your help! Here are a few questions that I have. Please help me out if you know the answers for any of the questions below and leave them in the form of a comment on this post. Please leave them as a comment because your answers help a lot of the other readers too and when I receive e-mails I am the only one that gets to learn from your wisdom. 

Questions for mamas:

1) When does the ugly dark line disappear from your belly? Mine is fading but I am ready for it to be GONE!
2) Did any of you all supplement with formula? If so, how often and how much formula? I have talked to three separate doctors and received different answers from all three so I would love your input!
3) Did you all wait 6 weeks until you started working out? I can't wait to fit my jeans again. They are still a little snug. But the doctor suggested I wait 6 weeks until I start working out again... boo!
4) Does anyone know where to find cute baby boy jackets?
5) Did you wake-up your baby for feedings? My lactation consultant suggested I should. What do you all think? If Harper decides to sleep through the night should I let him? Could going that long without breast feeding cause my body to produce less milk?
6) Has anyone read Baby Wise? Erik read it on his flight yesterday and thinks we should try it out so I am going to try to read it tonight. What did you all think?
7) When did your babies eyes and hair turn their permanent color?



  1. Very interesting! He's gorgeous! I love how babies are constantly changing.

  2. These are great questions!!!! I can't wait to see what people say! but here's my 2 cents
    1. it's been 12 weeks and I'm still waiting for it to disappear completely!! I've heard it takes 6 months to a year!
    2. I haven't had to supplement yet, but I pump exclusively
    3. I'm still waiting to work out, b/c I've heard it might slow milk production. I was a gym rat before and during the pregnancy, it's killing me!
    4. I have no clue!
    5. I let my baby sleep until he wakes!!! I just get up to pump to keep my supply up!
    6. BabyWise: I read it and refer back often! i don't use it as bible truth, but use some of the basic principles. I'm too laid back and on the go too much to be tied to the strict scheduling!
    Good Luck!!!!

  3. Hey girl, your baby boy is too precious!
    We had to supplement with formula starting at two weeks because my milk never really came in. Figuring out how much to feed her has been a nightmare ever since because everyone tells you something different. Pretty much anytime she goes crazy and stops sleeping well at night and is extra fussy during the day for at least 48hours we up her by an ounce. She just went to five ounces yesterday and last night had a great night again. I have a really helpful chart I can email you if you'd like.
    As for babywise, DO IT! Stick with it and eventually it will work. Babygirl is only waking up once between her 7pm and 7am feedings and I credit it all to that book!
    Good luck!

  4. Harper ... you are so adorable ...wonderful way to start my day with a dose of cuteness!!! Thank you for posting. Wishing a fantastic week!!! HHL

  5. He is beautiful!! I love the random eye color trivia today!

  6. My husband and I both have dark hair. His is darker than mine. Our son is blonde. He was completely white as a toddler. Every one comments on it constantly. You just never know with genes (I believe hair color will change until they are much older.).

    Eye color... that's another one. I'm blue, my hubs is dark brown. Our son, blue. Weird as brown is dominant. My cousin, both her and her husband are chocolate brown. Her kids, both light blue! Again, you just never know with genes!

    1. Thirteen years later and I still have some of the dark brown line. Yep. Sorry.

    2. Didn't breast feed.

    3. C-section. Had to wait 6 weeks. Actually 8. I say if you feel great, go for it. Don't overdo it, though.

    4. Nordstrom had cute jackets as did LL Bean when my son was little. In fact, I bought him the cutest yellow "fireman" looking jacket that was completely leather from Nordstrom. I can't tell you how many compliments I received.

    5. I say let him sleep. But, again, I didn't breast feed.

    6. Don't know "Baby Wise." Sorry.

    7. I think his hair is still turning its color.

    Don't know if it helped at all. You seem to be doing well and look so happy! Harper is adorable.

    Have a great day!

  7. I can answer none of your questions! But little Harper Is super freaking Cute!

  8. 1) Believe it or can scrub it off (or at least most of it). It took mine forever to go away. Then a friend said she just used a washcloth to scrub it in the showera nd it came off after about two or three scrubs. Wish I had known that sooner!
    2) I gave Cooper (now 28 months) at night only at about a month. I thought it would halp him sleep through the night. With Seeger, he NEVER had any formula until 9 weeks, and slept through the night at 5 weeks just like Cooper. I found myself supplementing more and more until I had no choice but to supplement bc my body was getting used to not nursing or pumping so much. With Seeger, I was determined not to supplement. When I was only producing 10 ounces a day and he had only gained a pound a two ounces in two months...I decided to switch to formula. I tried numerous ways to boost my supply. Now he is healthy, and I am too!
    3) I would wait the six weeks! You need the time to heal (more internal healing than anything). Take advantage of it. You can get back to the gym anytime...enjoy naps and rest for now!
    4) I get clothes and jackets and all for my boys at The Children's Place or Gymboree. Gap Kids has some cute jackets too.
    5) I only woke my boys up for the first two weeks. That was just to make sure my milk came in properly. Once they were two weeks old, I let them sleep as long as they wanted. If you wake up and feel engorged, just pump and let him sleep. You can always give him the bottle if he wakes up 10 minutes later!
    6) I didn't like the WHOLE concept of BabyWise. I did take some things from the book (like: eat, play, sleep), but it was too structured. I like being able to go when I need/want to and not worrying about the schedule.
    7) Cooper's hair is still dark like when born and his eyes turned brown early and are still brown. Seeger still has lighter brown hair and blue eyes. The Pediatrician said eyes can change color up to about 2yrs old. Most often after 2 they stay the color they are. I have brown and my husband has green eyes. We hope Seeger's stay blue!

    Keep it up! Sounds like you are doing great! Don't stress about supplementing. If he gets hungry, your body will provide what he needs. I learned my lesson when I lost most of my supply from supplementing too much.

  9. He definitely has your eyes! So sweet!

  10. I didn't have a dark line & never heard of that! I didn't wait 6 weeks to work out. I think I waited about 4 weeks. I think you can tell how your body is healing and be your own judge. I just wouldn't push yourself too hard at first.

  11. These are all really good questions and things I wish I would have asked the first time around! Here are my answers/opinions:
    1) My line faded but I'm not sure it ever fully went away. I will say it didn't come back nearly as dark with #2. This time I think it's pretty much gone already (12 weeks).
    2) No formula.
    3) My doctor said the same thing about no exercise but I took that to mean no mid-section exercise. I still walked and that helped to make me feel like I was doing something!
    4) I was so surprised how hard this was! I found that you have to look early, as in before the season starts, to find them and then you don't know what size! I actually had to get both of Colin's first coats on Ebay. They were both Baby Gap. Target usually has some cute lighter weight ones too.
    5) NO! I wait until he wakes up to feed him. Like a previous poster said, if it's been a long time, I just pump to keep my supply up and to relieve the pressure!
    6) We did Baby Wise with Colin and although it was trying at times, it was totally worth it. He slept so well and so many of my friends (who didn't use the book) wondered how we did it.
    7) I'd love to know the answer to this one too! We are still waiting to see if Colin's hair (he's 3 now) is going to change. He obviously has red hair but the back of it is almost blond. Both my husband and I had white blond hair but neither of our boys do...yet. We're still holding out for Sawyer. I love that Harper has neapolitan hair right now!

  12. My son's hair did the same thing! It was so dark when he was born, and now it is almost bleach blonde (definitely from my husband). Also, my son who is 13 months old has blue eyes, but I have brown and my husband has you never know! :)

    To answer your questions:
    1. Mine took forever to disappear!! I remember asking my sister when it had been 4 months...and she said hers may have gone around 5 months...but mine was more like 6 or 7 months...
    2. I had to supplement with formula almost from the beginning because they were concerned with weight gain. But eventually I just quit doing it because my son would spit up after the supplement...and it was annoying! I was breastfeeding so that I wouldn't have to do the formula!
    3. Yes, I waited the six weeks to really work out, although I did go on short little walks around the neighborhood just to get out of the house. The weight came off pretty quickly because of the breastfeeding anyway (and then I gained about 7 pounds when I stopped breastfeeding!)...but worked that off again now :)
    4. Cute jackets? I have gotten so many hand-me-downs from a neighbor which has been really nice! So I don't really know...sorry!
    5. DEFINITELY let your baby sleep!!! Please! I have never heard a mom say to wake the baby. One pediatrician I heard of made his wife make the baby sleep through the night the first day they came home from the hospital! If Harper will sleep, let him sleep!!
    6. I read Babywise but must not have done a good job. I definitely recommend it because I have heard so many good things about it. I missed the part about feeding every three hours. I thought it was from the end of a feeding...but it's really from start to start. And it would sometimes take me 45 minutes to I was really waiting almost 4 hours!!
    7. Not sure yet...still think the eyes might change!

    And I wish we had seen y'all at Fall for Greenville too!! I saw lots of strollers and lots of pregnant women! I think I would have recognized you from all the pictures :) Maybe another time...

  13. I don't have any answers for you, but he is just TOO cute!

  14. I don't know if hair color is ever really "permanent" dad had extremely light hair until he was 16 or 17 and then was suddenly dark brown! I had very light blonde hair until I was about 5 and then it gradually got darker until it reached the dark blonde that it is now (well, under the dye, haha).

  15. Questions for mamas:

    1)Mine is fading but I am ready for it to be GONE! That line gradually faded but like the others, never totally disappeared. It's really light and you'd have to look hard to see it, but it's still there.
    2) Yes, I supplemented with Emfamil's Premium Lipil formula and you can order it in bulk directly from Enfamil (save some $). We supplements with the 2 oz. nursettes at first and just offered her one each about four times a day. If she took it we knew she was still hungry, and if she refused, we knew she was full. Supplementing made me relax and feel comfortable knowing that I finally had something measureable to tell how much she was getting. They actually started supplementing GG in the hospital since it took so long for my milk to come in.
    3) I had to wait the full 6 weeks because of the c-section. But I know that feeling of wanting to get working out as soon as possible.
    4) Southern Tots
    Shrimp and Grits kids
    Best Dressed Child

    Email if you'd like more, I do a lot of online shopping!

    5) Oh my gosh NO! Unfortunately I did at the urging of my lactation consultant but soon regretted it. If a baby is hungry they'll wake up all on their own. In the mean time, let them sleep!!! I began allowing GG to wake up on her own after a few months and life was so much better and easier for all of us!

    6) I thought this was such a good book. We used it's tips for developing a schedule and sleep training. By 3 1/2 months old, Gillian Grace was sleeping through the night! Recommend it for sure!

    7) Not even sure if her current eye/hair color is permanent or not. She's a blond hazel eyed sweetie pie now, and had dark brown hair and blue eyes when she was born. Who knows?

    Hope you get the answers you're looking for. So great how so many are willing to share. Moms have got to stick together. Found you through Mama's Messages and Cool Gal and a few others! Looking forward to reading more and following y'all on your new journey as parents.

    Your baby is presh!

  16. 1) When does the ugly dark line disappear from your belly? I didn't get the linea negra, so I can't answer this one.

    2) Did any of you all supplement with formula? I did have to supplement with formula when Little S started having 6ish oz. bottles and I was supplementing about 2 oz. per bottle. I pumped, exclusively after 3 months because I had a staph infection that didn't allow me to have Little S rest on me anymore.

    3) Did you all wait 6 weeks until you started working out? Have you seen my body? HAH! I can't answer this one, either. But I know PLENTY of moms who took brisk walks with baby as soon as they were comfortable.

    4) Does anyone know where to find cute baby boy jackets? Little girl... but I'd try Baby Gap! They have EVERYTHING. Oh, and I also really love Crazy 8!

    5) Did you wake-up your baby for feedings? My lactation consultant said the same thing- but she has YOU in mind and not necessarily the baby. Most, if not all of my mom friends suggested that I let Little S sleep as long as she wanted. She'd wake when hungry. And I stayed on the same schedule as far as milk went. If S wasn't awake for a feeding, I'd pump for 10-15 minutes (I kept my pump on my night stand and hubs took the milk to the fridge for me), and that way my flow didn't subside.

    6) Has anyone read Baby Wise? N/A

    7) When did your babies eyes and hair turn their permanent color? Little S was born with big blue eyes and still has them. Hubs and I both have blue eyes, so as you can see from the chart, she didn't have much chance of another color. :) As far as hair, she was born with reddish brown and became bleach blonde around 4 months and has stayed that way (she's 21 months, now).

  17. Hey girl!! I think you should come by Half-Moon and look at the jackets for Harper!! We have the baby down sweater by Patagonia...I'm obsessed!

  18. o, and the baby reversible puff jackets! so cute!

  19. Never wake a sleeping baby, he'll wake/cry when he's hungry or wants a change. Also, remember, if your cold, the baby's cold, if you're hot, the baby's hot. Seem like you're a natural!

  20. Hey Jaime and Erik, we are Radu and Carmina from Romania and we are proud parents of a three weeks baby girl and huge Survivor fans.
    Congratulations on your baby boy!!
    He's gorgeus!! We would love to send you some pictures of our baby, if that's ok. I am an amateur photographers myself, so if ok, we can exchange pictures. Our country has spectacular landscapes, castles, citadels and old churches. And autumn colours are a madness.
    Comment:we don't call babies in Romania by their name until baptism in the church. Our daughters' name is Andreea Isabela Diaconu. Saint surname, godmother's surname, family name. We are all about tradition and simple things, including wedding and baptism.
    Our girl has already started to change, gaining on weight and growing like 40-50 grams a day.
    Some answers:
    1. my wife's line has already faded, but we were told that if you have a boy is larger and darker; it will go, no worries. wife is breastfeeding and we do give her supplement, but not so much.
    Baby girl loves mamma's milk!!
    3.The uterus is at birth like 1000 times larger and it takes time to reverse back. My wife Carmina is wearing a postpartum waist,belly and heap corset, it helps better than anything; plus, it keeps her back straight when nurturing.
    The doctor is right you should wait.
    Also, women which are giving birth naturally, like my darling wife(not even some much as an aspirin!!) and breastfeed will recover faster and without workout, since breastfeding will consume the extra fat. my wife gained like 14 kilos during pregnancy and she lost already 9 kg(1 kg=2.2 pounds).
    5.babies have to sleep, eat, and guess, sleep. Is a natural routine until like 3 month of age.Don't wake him up, he will be very vocal about food.Lactation doesn't dissapear fast, feed your baby and after you give him from the bottle, at least that is we are doing with our baby;however, you have to eat a special diet and to be in perfect health, since all you eat and feel will transmit through milk to your baby.
    Be extracareful about hygiene and taking him out of the house and contact with others, babies do not have our immunity sistem.
    Colours usually change through the first year, consolidating later into permanent; of course, colour of hair and eyes differs between seasons.
    Our baby girl has deep blue eyes now, but that will change.
    We wish all the best and excelent health!!
    Have a nice day.
    Radu and Carmina, Slatina, Romania.
    ps e-mail

  21. I wish I could answer all your questions. In fact, I cannot wait until I have the same questions because this baby fever isn't going away! He looks just like you and I have a feeling he's going to stick with blue eyes :)

  22. Harper is so so cute!! Not a mommy yet so I can't answer all the questions, but a bunch of my husband's coworkers swear by Baby Wise. So much so that my husband has it on his Amazon Prime list & we're not even pregnant yet!

  23. Everyone has different ideas and opinions on baby sleep. I always recommend parents read a couple of different books and take advice from different sources. I prefer Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child. I definitely do not believe in crying it out the first couple of months. If he starts sleeping longer stretches you'll probably have to pump.

  24. I used Baby Wise with both my kids ( and my sister did with her 3)! It was taught in a class here in our church (we are fellow Greenville residents)when we were pregnant. I cannot stress enough how much I recommend the book! Remember, you are the mom-so you can adjust the schedule to suit your just has to be feed, wake, sleep. I had friends who took the demand feeding approach and were literally "ON DEMAND" 24/7. That makes for a very stressed out mommy IMO! I breastfed both of mine until they turned a year, and highly recommend it. Babywise had them sleeping through the night by about 10.5/11 weeks, but even better I could somewhat plan my day and errands b/c I knew based off what time we started in the am what the rest of the day would look like. Good luck and I think your little boy is adorable!

  25. I'm from Chesterton IN too... cool. I'll bet it's my daughter writing. Pink Tomatoes


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